Ridley Scott is set to direct the comic book film adaptation of Queen & Country.

Following reports earlier this year indicating Scott was in talks to helm the project, the filmmaker has confirmed to Yahoo Movies he’s already working on the movie. “Oh yeah, I’m kind of already knee-deep,” Scott said. “It’s a very good piece of writing, to begin with.”

Queen and Country, based on the Oni Press comic book from writer Greg Rucka, follows a British spy named Tara Chace who’s an operative of “the Minders,” a Special Operations Section of SIS (Mi6). She takes on dangerous missions while also dealing with bureaucracy and politics.

“Frequently in these things, I know I shouldn’t say because I’m gonna get misquoted here, but comic strip things are certainly lacking in making sense, or dialogue, but this one has really been very well adapted,” Scott said.

A release date or further details about the project are not yet known. But according to Scott, Tara Chace will be a strong character. “There’s nothing like a great story to attach to a Bond film right?,” Scott said. “She’s not exactly Bondish, but she’s a female version. Could she kick his ass? Probably.”

20th Century Fox has reportedly been trying to develop the project for a few years, with Ellen Page reportedly in negotiations to take on the titular role back in 2013 before talks fell through.

source: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2018/04/30/ridley-scott-will-direct-the-comic-book-movie-queen-and-country


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