Karachi hosts its biggest comic con yet

Comic con ai Karachi Pakistan

Ultimate Comic Con (UCC) is one of Karachi’s two annual pop culture and cosplay conventions, the other being Karachi Film and Comic Con.

This year saw UCC’s second edition take place at the Global Marquees on Saturday, April 14, where a good number of Jokers, Harley Quinns and Jigsaws were spotted.

Location wise, Global Marquee is a terrific choice. Unlike other conventions that are usually tucked away in one corner of the city, the venue near FTC auditorium was easily accessible for Karachiites from all over.

The venue itself was a great choice for a convention. Internationally, events like these are held in convention halls but unfortunately, Karachi only has Expo Centre. A marquees hall, which is typically used for weddings, is our next best choice.

As someone who drives himself around and carries my intricate costume to change at the convention, I found the venue provided ample parking and a changing room, which are usually hard to find at events.


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