Collecting Comic Books – Silver Age Tips

When buying comic books you should take into consideration the cover costs when buying for collecting only. The cover price is the original cost. The cover price is how much you paid for it when you bought it, which means the face value; which means; let’s say you bought a comic book like this; thirty five cents. I don’t remember the exact year, but it also had a bar code. This tells you that this comic book is not from the 60’s; it’s not from the 50’s; it’s subsequent to that time, so that dates it, but it is kind of cool because it’s The Bionic Woman, and having to do with what’s going on now; since there’s a TV show. When you look online at comic valuations you will see an upward trend which means now is probably a good time to sell.

There is however a range of comics you want to collect to get maximum range on your collection and these are refereed to as silver age comic books. The silver age; that’s what I like; that’s where I start. The silver age are comic books like this. They’re from the 60’s; I think the late 50’s too, but the 60’s is predominantly the silver age; and these comic books sold for twelve cents or less. We all have these stories, so you know what; don’t go there; don’t worry about it. This is a silver copy, and this would be one that’s from the 60’s, and this is my favorite guy; Superman, and you can see that there’s old Perry White.

This is what they made the television show after, this particular DC comic. DC were the people that put these out; Superman, we got the kryptonite going, we got the Daily Planet you should look for the comics in this date range to really find some gems that collectors fall head over heals for.


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